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About Hope Building Foundation

Years ago, my wife and I decided we would start a foundation as soon as we were able.  Through friends, family, and connections made by amazing people, we were able to start a foundation in the Spring of 2021. Since then, we have been able to utilize the foundation to reach thousands of people and many communities that rarely, if ever, receive assistance. It has also been a means for our friends to volunteer and have life changing experiences.  Our goal will always be to not just serve those receiving goods and services from the foundation, but to open the eyes and truly affect change in the hearts of the people who are fortunate enough to be on the giving side of the service equation.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

Our new program is based around the school system of Ecuador. We have found that many schools are severely lacking as far as the physical facility is concerned. Dilapidated flooring and roofs, broken windows, and mold from moisture intrusion, are a few of the main issues we are fighting.


As for the education itself, we have started an after school program that includes tutors, meals, and basic life lessons to keep kids motivated in school. Long term, the hope is to give them goals they can work towards to improve their lives.  



The fastest way that you can help is to donate. All administrative costs are covered by foundation ownership. We are working on coordinating volunteer programs in the near future so you can go have a hands-on experience!

All the Latest Updates

See our latest posts here. We just switched website hosts and are currently uploading the last 2 years of posts :)

Get to Know Us

We are a team of volunteers that is constantly growing. Get to know us and then JOIN US!

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