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Your donation will have a direct impact on a child or family.

Project information is below for your reference. On the donate form, you can select which project you'd like to support and all funds you donate will be earmarked for that project.

If you'd like to make a general donation, choose the general donation option.

All donations go directly to the beneficiaries.

All administration costs are covered

by foundation ownership.


Ecuador - Food and Home Necesities Distributions

This is our monthly program where the local volunteers coordinate a distribution of food and/or resources that the families in the community need. This ranges from rice and flour to roofing and kitchenettes, to everything a family needs to start their own business in order to be self-reliant.

Building a House

Agua Prieta - Sonora Home Building

This is the program where we go with the Rancho Feliz program in Agua Prieta, Mexico and build homes for families that are ready to take that next step in life but can't afford to do it. Schooling and self-reliance is a big part of this program. Every year we build between 6 and 10 homes for families in need.


Ecuador School Programs

This is a 2 part program. First is the foundation's own after-school tutoring and mentoring program that feeds kids and also teaches life skills. Second is our program that provides much needed renovations to school facilities and resources for the student's educations. 

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