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Our newest program is based around the school system of Ecuador. We have found that many schools are severely lacking as far as the physical facility is concerned. Dilapidated flooring and roofs, broken windows, and mold from moisture intrusion, are a few of the main issues we are fighting.


As for the education itself, we have started an after school program that includes tutors, meals, and basic life lessons to keep kids motivated in school. Long term, the hope is to give them goals they can work towards to improve their lives.  

Ecuador Schools

We are so excited for this new program! So many kids will be able to benefit from coming to a school that is safe, warm, and more welcoming through your donations and the efforts of our Volunteers!

Ecuador Distribution

We continue to do monthly food and life needs distributions all over Ecuador. Any donation made to this cause just increases the number of families we are able to reach. Thank you for your support!

Home Building

We have 2 and a possible third group lined up to go down this year to build homes with the Rancho Feliz foundation in Agua Prieta, Mexico.


Thanks for submitting!

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